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Thread: Toddler Discipline

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    Toddler Discipline

    My toddler (17 months old) has not responded to various "discipline" methods that we've tried. Basically, if he does something dangerous or he shouldn't do, such as climb on top of the coffee table, we try to convey that it is inappropriate. We've tried telling him no, explaining that it is dangerous in a stern voice, and even time out in the corner. He just laughs and thinks it is funny. What can we do to help him understand? Thanks!

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    As far as the coffee table is concerned....I would let him play on it. If its close to the ground, which I assume most coffee tables are....the risk of falling and hurting himself is very low.
    Stand close by and watch him carefully.
    Place pillows all around the table and let him enjoy himself. In his little mind he is on a awesome adventure and may be pretending he is king of the world.
    Try to get on his level and pretend your in his world. You may begin to see things his way rather than the adult authority way....a way our society has ingrained in adults.

    Children are natural explorers and love to try new things, our jobs as parents and care givers is to to encourage that curiosity.

    I have 5 children and we try to say yes more than works wonders!
    Try saying yes more and no less.....the possibilities are endlessly wonderful!

    Happy Peaceful Parenting!!!

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    Yes, we have to choose our battles

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    Have you read this article from Little Hearts Gentle Parenting momtomax?: Toddlers, Tantrums and Time-Ins, Oh My! I know many of us on this forum have found it helpful.

    Let me know what your thoughts are on this.
    Warm wishes,

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