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    Diet Changes in Pregnancy

    Do you feel like your diet changed drastically when you got pregnant? I know I definitely try to eat healthier when I am pregnant. I buy more organics and try to stay away from sugar, caffeine, and empty calories. What changes did you make when you became pregnant? Any?

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    When I was still pregnant, I tried to eat healthy, avoiding especially junk foods though at times I really can't help when I am craving. I tried to eat more green, leafy vegetables to cleanse my body and of course supply it with iron and esp folic acid which is essential for the baby's development. I ate lean meat also, avoiding the fats. And I avoided drinking carbonated drinks also and drank milk instead. :-)

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    I tried to eat a range of balanced foods but I found this difficult because of my morning sickness. In fact this got so bad that some days I could only eat cereal with milk.

    I have been having a look into the benefits of eating organic food in pregnancy and I'm quite surprised by the increase in nutritional content: a study commented on in this link shows organic food can have up to 63% more calcium and 73% more iron than non-organic produce. I know it costs more (and this has put me off in the past) but I think these are excellent health benefits.

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    I agree with ljmarsden in that the morning sickness can definitely make it a challenge to eat a healthy and balanced diet at times. In the first trimester of all 3 of my pregnancies I found myself not being able to stomach a lot of the usual fresh, healthy foods that I normally love to eat but craving lots of pasta, melted cheese, fizzy type drinks (ginger beer was great) and lots of toast - with a severe aversion to salads! I also agree that organics are a great way to go if you can manage it, especially for 4 months prior to conception during pregnancy and when breastfeeding While we are talking about diet in pregnancy, here's a useful link to what foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy.
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