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    Learning through Play

    Both research and experience show that the very best way for children to learn is through play. Children's brains are often referred to as sponge-like; they absorb what is all around them naturally, without needing to be in a formal learning/teaching environment. The natural world is perhaps a child's most appropriate and wonderful classroom with an unlimited end of resources and unrivalled learning opportunities.

    The latest research into children's learning indicates that children should be given the opportunity to predominately learn through play until at least the age of 7 and beyond this age children still get immense benefit from learning naturally as they play. The evidence also shows that, at least until the age of 6, children should ideally spend at least 50% of their time playing outside.

    What are your thoughts on learning through play? Is this something that forms part of your family life and your children's education? Have you come across any barriers to enabling your children to learn through play?

    I have found that it comes naturally to embrace learning through play, fun and exploration right from the start. It is incredible watching my babies and children develop (without pressure or expectation) and fascinating to hear the questions they ask and the thoughts they have. It seems a real shame to me that learning often becomes so structured as children grow older. I hope that all education centres will take on-board the evidence about the benefits of learning through play. I hope that children everywhere have the opportunity to learn through play.

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    My children love to play and learn on their own when allowed to free play. We don't send our children to school so mostly everything they learn they learn through play and living life.

    For example my 5 year old collected a bag of coins and today separated all the coins and asked many questions about the coins and added them all up.

    This was a learning experience that was not planned nor forced. He figured out how to count coins, how to separate them, how they feel, the difference between them all through play. He came up with the idea all on his own.

    This is how our days flow....the children come to me with questions and we explore and learn....they have the most fun learning in this fashion.

    Great post...I'd love to hear how others play and learn.


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    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and stories about learning through play. I am finding that it is so important for me, as a parent, to step back and give my children the freedom to explore the world as they choose to (safely of course, but in their own way and time). My children have amazed me with the way they naturally learn to count, learn letters, find out about nature....the list is endless!

    Warm wishes,

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    I perfectly agree!

    Educational Toys encourage specific learning areas such as Literacy, Maths, Science, Music etc.


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    It was nice reading your posts here. I was wrong to enroll my son in a traditional school. I believe that it's not too late to make up with my kid then. Thank you.

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    Don't feel guilty - we all learn through experience and you are doing the very best for your son. LJ

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