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    Eating fish in pregnancy.

    When I was pregnant I found the whole fish eating thing a bit confusing. I understood you had to avoid certain fish (due to the Mercury levels) but that there was also health benefits (for example as a rich source of Omega 3) for me and my baby from other types of fish. I wanted to point out this helpful resource which clearly explains which types of fish are safe to eat and which fish to avoid in pregnancy. I hope other mums-to-be find it helpful.

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    There are websites which explain which fish in different areas/oceans/countries have low and high mercury levels.

    I didn't pay much attention when I was pregnant, and I probably should have. I would eat canned tuna maybe once a week and Wild Salmon when we'd go out. But I probably didn't eat enough seafood when I was pregnant, to get the wonderful benefit of those good omega 3 fatty acids.

    Now I try to eat more wild salmon and I supplement with a high quality cod liver oil or organic flax oil.

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    Hello Mum Kate![]

    Thank you for answering my previous inquiries. You know that I am preparing myself for conception. So when I come across this post about eating fish in pregnancy, it interests me to ask you questions about this.

    What are the fish to eat and to avoid when a woman is pregnant? Is it safe or it is not safe to eat fish when you are pregnant? Do you think fish plays an important role for the growing fetus on the first trimester of pregnancy?

    Just gathering some more knowledge about pregnancy.

    Warm regards[]


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    Hi Amy,

    You asked which fish you should eat and which you should avoid. There are some suggestions on the "Eating Fish During Pregnancy" page. After you read that page let me know if you have any further questions.

    It's important to get enough Essential Fatty Acids in your diet before, during and after pregnancy. EFAs are found in, flax seeds and flax oil, hemp seeds and hemp oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, avocados, dark leafy greens (like spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, etc.), wheat germ, salmon, sardines, tuna and others.

    Some nutritionists suggest taking a high quality cod liver oil, krill oil or other fish oil supplement before and during pregnancy, while others suggest avoiding the fish oils altogether (due to their mercury content) and taking flax oil and chlorophyll in order to get enough essential fatty acids.

    For women who are of advanced maternal age, it can be extra helpful to take an essential fatty acid supplement because of it's positive effect on egg quality and balancing hormones. Maybe one of the midwives on this forum could give you a suggestion of what you should take and the dosage each day.

    Warm regards,


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