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Thread: What was/is your FAVORITE thing about being pregnant?

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    What was/is your FAVORITE thing about being pregnant?

    I loved being pregnant! It was the most precious experience of my life. I had a few scary moments during my pregnancy but knowing all of the amazing things my body was doing to house, nourish, care for, and grow two tiny babies was just surreal and special. My most cherished moments were feeling and seeing my babies move around. One of my favorite things that happened was when I was lying down in bed -- all of a sudden there was this huge ripple on the left side of my belly. It looked really weird and it felt so strange. Then when I went in for my monthly ultrasound I found out that baby had flipped around -- and that's when I realized I had seen him do it!

    What was or is your favorite thing about being pregnant?

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    When I was pregnant with my son I was lying in the bath (not too hot!) relaxing when my pregnant belly formed into more of a pyramid shape - it was so lovely to see my baby moving so much.

    That said, I had always dreamed of this amazing life-enhancing time when I would be pregnant but the constant morning sickness made it overall a very draining 9 months.

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    I loved everything about being pregnant. Okay maybe not everything but for the most part I can honestly say that I can't complain.

    I am sitting here, hard pressed to decide what my favourite thing was out of so many wonderful moments. I think though I would have to say that it wasn't so much a singular moment but the unfolding, over time, of a beautiful relationship.

    I felt so connected to my baby from the first moment I saw her, as an embryo, under a microscope in the IVF lab. I had loved her long before, from the very moment she was created, so the pregnancy for me was the chance to 'hold' within myself this oh so precious life that had honoured me with the role of Mother and for whom I had fought so hard.

    She was so responsive to my touch and from her first movement at 15 weeks, I firmly believed that I would hold her, alive and well, in my arms (which given my history was a leap of faith).

    So now I think I can answer the question... My favourite thing was the love that grew between my baby and I, cemented by her conception and culminating in her arrival earth-side to finally look into my eyes with oh so much love.

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    I fell in love with my baby when i realized that i was pregnant, thou scary since it was my first time, i was really looking forward to the moment of the bundle of joy. In my 5th month of pregnancy i was at work and i felt the first baby kick!! First i was shocked, then a warm smile crossed my face and i gently patted my tummy and said, " Relax Baby, Mummy loves you so so much" It was AMAZING! Lovely.

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    Pregnancy was one of the the most wonderful things that I experienced my entire life. From the beginning, I just really felt happy and so amazed thinking that God indeed is so good because I was able to conceive and a miracle is happening inside me. My pregnancy was truly a miracle for me because at first my mom didn't want the baby, she wanted me to have abortion but I really fought with her ( coz I got pregnant out of wedlock) but with the power of prayer and support from loved ones, my pregnancy was successful. Every month during my pregnancy was a milestone reached, I loved especially those times when baby moves. I also love it when people are just so kind to you and offer you or provide you what you want and need just because you're pregnant, lol.

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    I loved everything about being pregnant. I miss it so much. I loved the kicks, the hiccups, every single movement. Even with my fourth baby, I still loved and cherished every moment of it. I can close my eyes and still feel it. =)

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