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    Severe stress, can this cause problems?

    My husband is presently in kidney failure, and he is on home dialysis. This has made him have extreme mood swings and in some cases he will yell at me or ignore me. He is a wonderful guy, he is just really sick. I don't want to make him out to be the bad guy, but I have heard that high stress can cause a miscarriage. I am 5 weeks pregnant and we tried for so long, I don't want to lose this one. My husband has been on chemotherapy to treat his kidney failure (auto-immune) and so the chances of getting pregnant again are slim.

    Thank so much!

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    Much love to you and your family.
    You do have quite a bit of stress going on in your household.
    Severe stress can be quite unhealthy for everyone.

    Id suggest finding ways to help your family relax and live in the present moment.
    Maybe adding a daily exercise routine, daily walk outdoors. Starting a prenatal yoga class or watching videos online for prenatal yoga.
    Talking things out with your husband, having more open communication.

    I do wish you and your husband all the best and that he have a speedy recovery.

    Peace and Love

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    Thinking of you and your husband Rain_Girl.

    With best wishes,

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