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    Celebrities breastfeeding in public

    Has anyone else seen the encouraging news articles about the singer Beyonce breastfeeding her new baby daughter in public this week?

    I think it's great when celebrities are confident to do this as it encourages other breastfeeding mums and helps with the public perception of breastfeeding. What about you?

    If you have any other links to breastfeeding celebrities it would be great to post them here. Thanks.

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    I think it's wonderful! My friend is breastfeeding her little one right now. She tells me all the stories of how people have given her dirty looks when she's breastfeeding in public. However, she has also received some encouraging comments as well. I think it's very natural and people shouldn't freak out about. If it gets a celecrity or two to make it the "trendy" thing to do then that's great Considering how revealing some women are dressed in commerical ads, I hardly think a breastfeeding mum should cause a stir!

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