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    Toddler and Gadgets..Does it has risks?

    My brother is three years old. He likes to play with our cellphones and tablets because it keeps him at one place. I worry though that it might prove to have some risks to him. I heard that these emits some radiation so I am worried it might not be good for him.

    Not only that, I worry that it might affect his socialization skills-he is always playing with them and not playing enough with other kids. He also throws tantrums whenever we pry the cellphones/ gadgets off him.

    Is it ok to let him play with it? Do you have any suggestions on how we can keep entertained in other ways?
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    I have 5 children who all love wireless technology. We have several ipads and laptops that get quite a bit of daily use.
    We do not regulate electronics in our household. We like to trust that each child has his or her own regulatory abilities and this freedom works well for our family dynamics.
    I would suggest talking to your brother and offering him other activities through his day....a walk or a visit to a local park. Set up play dates with other children. Get interested in what he is watching and doing on the tablet.....can you offer to find a cool youtube video about something kids like to watch how to videos....etc.

    I think that with time he will slowly become interested in doing something else, as long as you trust the process of it all.

    My advice may be different from what you are accustomed to and that is ok....go with your gut feeling and everything will work out perfectly.


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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    Thank you for the insight. I hdo hope everything goes well with my brother!


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    Instead of playing electronic gadgets at home, we divert their interests by engaging them through construction toys like Wedgits Blocks. We got them at

    Hope this helps.


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