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    Calcium supplements

    Hi everyone,
    it's my first pregnancy (fifth week), and I used to take calcium supplements before pregnancy because I don't like eating dairy products (milk, yogurts, cheese...), but I'm worried that these supplements might have any side effects on my bub or me, should I stop taking it?

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    As a pregnant woman it is important to get enough Calcium in your diet (this is used for making your baby's bones and teeth). You don't have to take Calcium supplements but if you don't then you need to make sure your diet contains enough Calcium in pregnancy. Actually it is not only dairy products which contain Calcium. A pregnant women needs 3 portions of Calcium per day. One portion of Calcium is contained in: 150g pot of yoghurt, a small chunk of hard cheese, one glass of fortified orange juice or one cup of cooked spinach. Nuts such as almonds or brazil nuts are also excellent sources of Calcium.

    Alternatively you can ask your midwife or doctor to recommend a Calcium supplement for you which is safe to take in pregnancy.

    Warm wishes,

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