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    Discipline for a toddler

    Does anyone have any good pointers on how to discipline a toddler. I do not like to hit so i basically stick to times out. Lately I feel like nothing is phasing her anymore. She has been acting out, throwing tantrums, biting, hitting, you name it she's doing it!! So if anyone could give me some pointers I would definitely appreciate it so much!!!!

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    I'm so pleased to hear that you don't use any physical discipline against your child. Hitting has been shown by many studies to be ineffective in the long run and to have a detrimental effect on your relationship and a child's ability to form healthy relationships as they get older. Children's charities, therefore, now advise strongly against using any form of physical discipline against children and instead advocate positive parenting (gentle parenting).

    However, time-outs (although far better than physical discipline) are often ineffective. In gentle parenting we focus on connection rather than correction and our long term relationship with the child and how they will behave as they grow into adulthood. Have a look at this article from Little Hearts Gentle Parenting on gentle discipline: Practical, Gentle, Effective Discipline.

    I've also written more about gentle parenting (including links to practical tips and ideas) in this previous thread - please have a look.

    I hope all this is helpful for you.
    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you so much LJ!!! I will most definitely look at the links!

    Thank you,

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    You are very welcome Ryleighsmum. I do hope it helps.

    You may also find this gentle parenting article helpful: When Children Hit ~ 10 Tips for Parents.

    Warm wishes,

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