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    Artificial insemination

    I was wondering what everyone's views are about getting artificially inseminated when you already have a toddler? Do you think it would cause problems for the toddler? Or do you think the child would adapt well?

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    Hi RyleighsMum11,

    Thanks for posting this interesting question.

    Did you get pregnant with your toddler through artificial insemination? Knowing this will help us to answer your question more fully as it will give some more insight into your current family set-up.

    Any new sibling takes adapting to for their brothers and sisters. I do think this would be a greater adaptation period if artificial insemination was used, however, I think having a strong, loving family home is what is really important. Grounding our children in love helps them to deal with the changes and journeys of life.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    Thanks for responding!! My first was not by insemination. She does have a father but unfortunately he really isn't in the picture. After this whole thing it pretty much left me at never wanting to have another child with a male LOL! That is why I really asked the question. Basically just out of curiosity.

    Thanks so much,

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I see - that must be very difficult for both you and your daughter. That would make me cautious about artificial insemination so soon after dealing with difficult relationship problems from your daughter's father. I would be concerned if someone was choosing artificial insemination for negative reasons rather than a positive decision for your family. That's my opinion anyway

    Warm wishes,

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