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    Question workout during pregnancy

    Hi guys,
    I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy and I workout everyday, a friend of mine told me that it would hurt my bub, is it true?

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    That's an interesting question.

    It is important to keep active and healthy during pregnancy. You should continue to exercise at a level similar to your pre-pregnancy exercise level. Was working out normal exercise for you pre-pregnancy? If it was then this should be fine. You should also not get so out of breath that you cannot manage to talk whilst exercising.

    I hope that this helps to answer your question.
    Warm wishes,

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    Id like to add that you want to stay well hydrated, 2-3L of water daily.

    I love to hear that moms are working out and staying healthy.
    Way to go mama!!


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    There are exercises that are good for pregnant women; it helps us to have a good breathing and healthy body. I used to exercise while I’m pregnant with my daughter. My friend told me to enroll to a yoga class for pregnant women before and I tried it. Yoga really helps me in my pregnancy and after pregnancy.

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    Yes many women do find yoga helpful in pregnancy both to keep fit and to help with relaxation and breathing.

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