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    Is it safe for my first baby to sleep with us on our bed?

    We have not bought a crib or a bassinet just yet, because I actually want my child to sleep with us on our bed. Is it advisable to do so? My partner usually moves a lot in bed and my main concern is that he might accidentally suffocate our baby girl. I asked him and have been reminding him every night that if he wants the baby to sleep with us then he may have to be very careful, and mindful of how he moves around in bed. I may still have to buy a crib for daytime use though.
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    I am a big advocate for co-sleeping, we've co-slept with all five of our children. Co-sleeping has worked out very well for us. I feel that we all get more sleep when our babies are right beside us. As you will find co-sleeping helps mum and babe to sleep more sound through out the night.

    Here is a great article that thoroughly breaks down the benefits of co-sleeping and how it can work for your family.

    Please do check it out, let me know if you have any questions, id be happy to chat more about our experience with you.


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    We are also a co-sleeping family. For us, the main reasons to co-sleep are that it makes night breastfeeding easier and everyone seems to get more sleep. I have also enjoyed bonding with my snuggly babies at night-time.

    I would say that it is important for both you and your partner to feel comfortable and confident with co-sleeping.

    Following safe co-sleeping guidelines are also important. There is more information on safe co-sleeping on the unicef website. For example;

    - the safest place for a co-sleeping baby is sleep to next to mum rather than inbetween mum and dad (this is because a mum's hormones are regulated with her baby's at night, particularly if she is a breastfeeding mum)

    - do not co-sleep with your baby if one of you: smokes, drinks or is obese

    - ensure you have a safe co-sleeping bed for your baby to sleep in free of cushions and no pillows or duvets near your baby or gaps they could fall down

    Another option is a co-sleeping cot like the Arm's Reach cot.

    I really like this article on co-sleeping: Co-sleeping, is it part of bonding?

    With warm wishes,

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    If your baby is six months or younger it is safest for him to sleep in a cot next to your bed rather than in your bed. It can reduce the chances of your baby getting too hot under your bedding.

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