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    How to discipline a very hyper child?

    My daughter is 1 year and 4 months and seems to be very active, run around the house like a ballistic monkey.
    When i tried puling her and making a straight conversation she won't just listen instead making fun of her face and joggling around. How am I suppose to start a normal conversation with her when she is not paying much attention, or i it too early for implementing rules on that age.?

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    Your daughter sounds thoroughly normal to me . One year olds are learning to explore the world - they want to be everywhere all of the time. We need to make sure they are safe but allow them the maximum opportunities for exploration, fun and adventure.

    If you are finding this stage difficult then you may find that attending toddler groups (particularly active ones like toddler gymnastics, toy libraries or music and movement groups) help you to structure your day. If you can 'baby proof' your house as far as possible (using stair-gates, plug socket blockers, cupboard locks etc) then you will also find it easier to relax as your daughter continues her development and explores the world.

    Yes I would say that this age is too young for any kind of discipline. However, when it is the right age to begin disciplining your child then here on this forum we really believe gentle discipline is the way to go for bringing up our children. Please have a read of this previous thread on gentle discipline.

    Warm wishes,

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    I also think its normal for your child to behave that given that age. Well, what worked for me was the reward and punishment. It would be good to teach your child this manner lesson in a subtle way. Like for example your child did wrong, take one possession or activity away from her (of course you have to inform her beforehand that if she does wrong this item/activity will be taken from her). Or you can opt to doing the reinforcing good behaviour strategy. Don't forget to praise your child whenever she does good. this way her energy or active behaviour would be directed to doing good and its a win-win situation for you.

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