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    Gadget Dependent. Is it bad??

    As we have noticed nowadays gadgets are everywhere, used by anyone regardless of the age.
    My Bub started learning through Ipad, seeing and appreciating different colors, letters, numbers, rhymes and such.
    Now that she uses Ipad as part of her daily life, sometimes she neglect to study using paper, pencils and books she rather listens or practice her writing over the tablet, do her math using calculator in the Tab. I tried keeping the tablet away from her, hid it anywhere she can't find, but it turns out to be a total wreck for her. Is this to much? Or what? Advice anyone? Thanks

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    In this day in time, electronics have become the norm....we can now listen to and read books online....we can type out letters and notes....we can talk live online with one another.....this is the new is replacing the traditional pen and paper and that is OK!
    Embrace and take advantage of the new way of doing life....
    My advice to you is to allow her to continue to learn with the new games and new apps every so often.....your child will be fine....

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