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Thread: how do i help them go through bullying?

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    how do i help them go through bullying?

    how can i help them avoid bulliying?how do i tell them what to do with bullies?

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    Dear chloemum,

    Thank you for posting this question - what a tough topic for any parent.

    I would want to instill in my children what sort of relationships are appropriate and teach them by example acceptable ways to treat, and talk to, other people. I would use reading daily books together as an excellent opportunity to reinforce this positive relationship message.

    Are your children at school? It would be useful to know what the school's anti-bullying policy is (which all schools should have) and how they can work with parents.

    There are also a number of anti-bullying charities which can provide resources, support and education on bullying for parents and children. These include: BulliesOut and the Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

    Here's to a world totally free of bullying!

    With warm wishes,

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