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Thread: Anyone experienced false labour

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    Anyone experienced false labour

    During my pregnancy i experienced false labor for more than 2 months. It was very disturbing to an extend that when true labor came i still thought it was the false labor until my water broke. Actually i had made so many trips to the hospital that the doctor advised i just bear with it until the end. Can this labor be prevented or is there a way to slow or to stop them.
    Anyone experience the same?

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    I had a lot of contactions when I was pregnant with my boys but but I only really thought I was going into labour once and ended up in the hospital. They monitored me and the babies for a few hours before sending me home. They were stronger contractions that I had experienced before which is why I went it but they did subside and I went back to having my "regular" contractions.

    When my water broke is was such a small amount (I imagine a huge flood or something I guess ) that I wasn't sure what it actually was. I was actually heading to a doctors appointment when it happened and when I got there I told them what happened and after checking me they sent me to the hospital and 12 hours later my babies were born

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    I experienced false labour (aka prodromal labour) with one of my pregnancies. I called the midwife and she suggested I do an enema or drink a cod liver oil concoction. I opted out of the cod liver oil, because it would only produce diarrhea if I wasn't truly in labour, but I did an enema. It didn't work.

    So I went on to have false labour for about 3 days. I found that when I was in bed, the contractions were much more intense, and when I would get up, they would settle down. I decided that I just wanted those contractions to work for me, so I stayed in bed a lot.

    The contractions woke me up at 4AM one morning, and that's when I realized that I was in true labour (plus baby was posterior so the pain in my back was much more intense).

    I called the midwife at about 7AM and she got to the house around 11AM. She checked me, turned baby, and held baby in place while I had a contraction to move him down into the birth canal further and "lock" him in so that he wouldn't turn again.

    When she felt the intensity of that contraction, she said, "With contractions like that, you're baby will be here in an hour." Well baby arrived 2 hours later, but that's because I wasn't in a good position for pushing.

    All that to say that the prodromal labour worked to my advantage and labour was fairly short. I actually remember asking the midwife if I was still in early labour when she turned the baby at 11AM. So easy until 11AM and then things got more intense.

    Here's an article that discuses how to know when it's time to go to the hospital.

    I also might add that I may have been ready to go into labour the first time I called the midwife, but she literally told me that if I did, she wouldn't be able to be at the birth because she had a court date that she needed to attend the next day. Emotionally, that probably impacted me so that I kind of told my body that it wasn't the right time. I also don't think that my midwife should have brought me in on her personal problems and that she shouldn't have said what she did. I think she could have handled the situation differently, but she sure was good at what she did (assisting mothers and catching babies) and it all worked out in the end.


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