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    Homemade baby food

    We just had our 6 month doctor visit for my little one and the doctor said she can begin eating baby food. For my older daughter, since I was working at the time, I bought her food and never made any myself. Since I now stay at home with the girls, I would like to try making some food. What are some easy foods to start with and what are your favorite recipes?

    Note: As I am new to the forum, I just realised that there was an Introducing Solids sub-forum. So, I have just posted this question there too.
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    Thanks for your question.

    Are you currently breastfeeding? If so you should continue offering the breastmilk alongside the solid food from now until 2 years and beyond (that's the recommendation from the World Health Organisation). This is because there are still huge advantages to breastmilk from this age and, in fact, a baby can get over 90% of their nutritional requirements from the breastmilk alone up to 12 months of age. This means that breastmilk should still be the baby's predominant source of nutrients in the first year. If you are formula feeding then this should also still be a baby's main source of food.

    Have you thought about baby led weaning at all? Have a look at this link. This is an excellent, well-researched weaning method which involves giving your baby healthy, solid food from 6 months of age (alongside their milk). The research shows that this weaning method has developmental, social and even health advantages for a baby. It can set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating and choosing to eat in this way. A typical meal could include: avocado chunks, vegetable fingers with a hummus dip, steamed chicken and pear pieces. It's important to cut the chunks of food large enough so that your baby can grip hold of them in their fist and still have around 2 inches of food extending their grip. I would really recommend you look into this easy and healthy weaning method.

    If you still choose to wean your baby in purees then yes homemade purees are the best choice, if possible. Here is a link to some good ideas for first puree foods from the children's chef Annabel Karmel.

    Do post back and let us know your thoughts.
    Warm wishes,

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    Hi, LJ.

    Thanks again for the links.

    For our family, transitioning to homemade purees is the next step for our little one. I understand this may not be for everyone, but this is what we have chosen, along with our doctor's recommendation.

    Kind regards,

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    I wish you all the best with this Colleen. Do check out the first puree foods link above - some of these are delicious!

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