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    Ever experienced an urge to over shop for your baby?

    My son is 1year and four months old but i have realized that when i go shopping i have to hold back on what i buy for him . When i walk to a clothes store all i can think of is " This Will look good on my son"' Or " this is a must have for my Baby". Seriously sometimes i end up doing impulse buying to fit him in the budget then later in the week/month i realize that i shopped more clothing or shoes than desired. I think it comes naturally when you hold the baby in your arms and nothing else matters, Just the wonderful Bundle of Joy.

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    I haven't experienced this, but it could have something to do with your temperament. Are you normally impulsive in other areas? Or are you calculated? Do you tend to be spontaneous or do you prefer to plan things in advance?

    You may find the thread on understanding personalities interesting, and if your husband tends to resent when you overbuy for your precious son, it might help him to be more tolerant as well.

    As for something that might be helpful... I did a lot of shopping at second hand stores for my children's clothes and other needs. If you purposefully avoid the stores or departments that tempt you to spend more than you should, and then tell yourself you'll go to the local children's second hand store and see what they have, this might help. It's a thought.


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    I guess I have felt this way from time to time. If I had unlimited money, I would probably do nothing but shop for my little ones. We are on a very tight budget, since we are both students and have four small children, so we have to keep things in perspective.

    I agree with Kate on the idea of shopping at second hand stores. Children tend to grow out of clothes faster than they have time to wear them out. You can find some really great deals and get so much more for the same amount of cash. It can also help to reduce your temptation to overspend, as you might at a department store.

    You could also try setting a budget before you head out and only taking that amount of cash along. Leave those credit cards at home

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2many View Post
    You could also try setting a budget before you head out and only taking that amount of cash along. Leave those credit cards at home
    That's a GREAT tip, mom2many. Works well at the grocery store too, when you're tempted to buy those goodies you really don't need.

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    I think the above ideas are excellent. It would probably be beneficial to only bring a certain amount of cash and to look at second hand stores, as well. Do you have any friends or family members with young children? I have a family member that has children older than mine, so she gives us a lot of clothing for our children. It is so fun to look through everything they give us, and it is almost like buying something new. You could ask friends or family members if they want to do clothing swaps, and everyone can bring items their children have outgrown and you can all share with each other.

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    Jessica - another great idea! Clothing swaps with friends.

    I've heard for people doing "all things baby" swaps in their neighborhood. One person heads up the effort, sets the date and time, and then everyone brings anything they no longer need (related to children) including clothes, baby items like high chairs, toys, etc.

    Here's a geat post which explains what a "baby swap" is and how to go about planning one. You can make it into a really fun party/get-together complete with refreshments.

    I've also heard of doing a home-grown food swap (I know that's not related to babies, but in this economy, it's definitely worth considering, in order to save money).

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    Hi RachaelM,

    Yes I can relate with you. Sometimes it just feels good to give your baby (as for me I have a baby boy) those nice stuffs, When I see something nice whether in the mall or an online shop, I can't help but think about my son then buy it. But of course I don't do this very often. But when I'm on it also, I tend to really spend. Now that I have a baby, I focus more on him. And I buy less for myself, lol.

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    Ever experienced an urge to over shop for your baby?

    Not really. But when there is sale at the mall, can't help but to buy a pair of clothes for my 2 boys. But 1 set of pair is enough just taking the opportunity of low prices.

    But there was an instance that I over shop for my baby, when I was pregnant with my eldest. I bought things and never thought if it would be useful- I just get this and buy, get that and buy. I was just excited mum.

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