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    Planning for a Homebirth

    Many women choose to have a homebirth and they can be confident that it is a safe birthing option (for low risk pregnancies). A homebirth has the huge advantage of allowing a woman to feel comfortable in her environment and to create her own private, personal birthing space. Perhaps the home environment is one in which it is easiest to switch off from what is going on around and allow the subconscious side of the brain to take over; as a woman goes deeply within herself allowing her breathing to bring her through each contraction without fear or tension.

    Have you had a homebirth? Did you plan an alternative hospital option incase you needed extra assistance or intervention in labour? Whilst this is unlikely did you feel you wanted a plan for if this option was needed? Or do you think this would detract from your wishes to have a homebirth?

    It would be interesting to hear your views on this and to hear your approach to planning for a homebirth.

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    I have had a homebirth and I did not plan an alternative hospital option other that that our midwife would be our doula if we did need to transfer.
    I did not feel that I needed or wanted a "hospital plan", as I felt very confident in my body to birth my baby. I think it would of been a waste of time focusing on the "what if's".
    I trusted my midwife and friends to support me through out the experience.

    Thanks for opening the discussion on homebirthing.


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    Thank you for sharing your experiences of homebirth - that's helpful to know. I recently read about having a box (rather than a bag or suitcase) ready with things you will need for yourself and your baby immediately following birth. This will be helpful for someone else to give to you after your homebirth. In the unlikely event that you did need to transfer into hospital you could take the box but you would not have disrupted your homebirth planning (and mindset) with packing a hospital transfer bag.

    Thanks again,

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