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    A Pre Teen

    What are some good ways to promote responsibility in a pre-teen?

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    Dear MamaJohnson,

    What an excellent question.

    I would have to say that respecting your pre-teen and talking to them on your level would be key in helping them to grow into mature, responsible teenagers and adults. I recently read a quote which said that childhood is not preparation for life it is life now. This has inspired me to parent in a way that involves listening to and respecting my children and forming friendships with them which I pray will be lifelong.

    In terms of some very practical ways to promote responsibility in a pre-teen:

    - asking your pre-teen to help you with cleaning and managing the home
    - involving them in decision making from what to have for dinner to what they would like from a family holiday
    - investing in your relationship with them and spending one-to-one time together really talking
    - involving them when you have other adult guests around to visit or for meals
    - asking them to help plan and prepare meals (with extra help where needed)

    With warm wishes,

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