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    A dear friend of mine asked me a question I had no answer for.

    She has very tender nipples, no cracking or bleeding, just very sensitive and is having trouble breastfeeding.
    What do you recommend?

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    I would suggest that she contact La Lechec League or an area Lactation Consultant for a evaluation.

    Your friend could have sensitive skin or she may need help with proper latch techniques.
    With out knowing more information, Id suggest that if she still feels sore after 15-30 seconds of the baby latching that she gently unlatch her little one and relatch.
    We look for the tenderness to subside after the first 30 seconds.

    If the soreness is not from the infants latch she could have several other issues. Please refer her here to this site....she can join easily and ask more specific questions about her soreness. We will be happy to go over her tender nipple issue with her.

    I do hope that she joins and we hear from her soon.
    Your an awesome friend for being concerned about her.

    Happy Breastfeeding.

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    Thank you so much. I will l her know your advice. This is her third, and has breastfed all of the others successfully. So this seems odd.

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