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    Baby wearing gear

    When my bubs were young, I was not aware of baby wearing. Now I would like to purchase some gear for a friend due in 4 weeks. What do you recommend?

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    I highly recommend using a ring sling, I used them on 3 of my children and loved the ease of them.
    They come in so many different materials, some with pockets.
    I started wearing my babies right after birth all the way till about 3-4 years of age in a ring sling.
    Research "how to ring sling" on you tube and you will find quite a few instructional videos on how to use one.
    I even made quite a few of them and sold them to other mums.

    I hope that you can find one....great sling for baby wearing.


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    Wonderful! Thank you, off to you tube!

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    I love a stretchy sling for a new baby - like the 'Kari Me', 'Moby' or 'JPMBB'. I couldn't do without mine and already have it ready for our new baby who is due in September You can pre-tie it and then pop the baby in and out through the day.

    You can breastfeed in both a stretchy sling or a ring sling with some practice.

    It's great that you are helping your friend get a sling - baby wearing is an excellent way of soothing and bonding with a baby as well as helping with breastfeeding. You will want to avoid carriers which have lots of straps/buckles and have a narrow seat as these do not provide an ideal seating position for a baby. A baby needs a nice wide seat to sit on and to keep their spine in the optimal position. There are loads to choose from for newborns including: ring slings, stretchy slings, mei tais, woven wraps, full buckles (such as the Manduca).....

    Please do post back with any further questions you may have.
    Best wishes to you and your friend,

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