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    Contraceptive Pills and Miscarriage

    My first pregnancy of 8 weeks ended in a miscarriage five years ago. I was taking pills for 4 years before I got pregnant. I had a feeling that my body was not ready to conceive because of the long term contraception.

    Should there be a pill-free period before trying to get pregnant to make sure I will conceive healthy?

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    Dear bella,

    I'm so sorry to hear of the miscarriage you experienced five years ago. The loss of a baby is always tragic and leaves the parents, and other family members and friends, needing to grieve.

    The general advice from the medical profession is that there is not enough sound research to show whether long term use of the contraceptive pill increases a woman's chance of miscarriage. In fact, some research has shown the opposite (that taking the pill over a period of years before getting pregnant can reduce the chance of miscarriage).

    At the moment it seems that there is no real link.

    It would be wise to do some preconception care before getting pregnant.

    Warm wishes,

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