What are your thoughts on cosleeping and older children? Do you think that the family bed has an age restriction? I have heard both sides of the argument and honestly I do not know where I stand right now.

My oldest two children hardly coslept at all. My youngest two, however, have coslept since day one. I now have a one-year-old in my bed every night and a two-year-old in my bed most nights. Sometimes I think I would like to have a night alone with my husband. Clearly, this is not something you can just end, at least not in a gentle way. I coslept until I was an adolescent and I know I definitely want to be alone with my husband before my kids reach that age.

If you do think cosleeping has an age limit when do you think it occurs? Furthermore, how did you/do you plan on convincing your kids that it is time to move to their own bed?