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    Need your help! Calling your kids attention

    Hi moms out there! Any suggestions on how to make sure you kids listen to you when you call them? My daughter doesn't seem to hear me each time I call her out to eat, come closer, stop doing this and that. I am on the verge of ticking off but I have to make sure that I become gentle on her. Any help would be really great!!

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    Have you ever had her hearing checked? My daughter was the same exact way. I always thought it was because she was choosing not to listen however we figured out she has permanent hearing loss. She wore hearing aides for most of her childhood.
    I felt awful once we figured out that she really couldn't hear us when we were talking to her. If I was in front her she could hear me, if we were in another room or behind her she literally couldn't hear us.

    I highly suggest that you get her hearing checked as well as go to her and make sure she is looking you in the eye and gently tell her what it is you need her to know.

    Calling her may not be the best of way to get her to hear you. Getting close to her and gently speaking to her might work wonders as well.

    Hope that all is well and you can work through this in time.


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    I think her hearing is okay...she responds when she wants to.....whether im upstairs and shes downstairs...she can hear us.. she just chooses not to respond when she doesn't feel like it. Like when it's eating time, shower time, anything that is not in her favor. I got a tip, sometimes, I'd role play and there I have her attention. But see, i don't have the patience to do role playing every single time.

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