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    What is the most recommended over-the-counter head lice medicine?

    Head lice is a common problem for kids. My daughter is not an exception. I tried some shampoos to treat lice but it keeps coming back. I think she got them from her classmates. It's frustrating because I tried both combing and shampooing. Well, it does work just for a while. Is there a way to totally get rid of the lice and prevent it?

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    Im so sorry to hear about your daughters issues with lice.

    Here are some simple ways to get rid of the lice and their eggs, and help prevent a lice reinfestation:

    Wash all bed linens and clothing that's been recently worn by anyone in your home who's infested in very hot water (130 F [54.4 C]), then put them in the hot cycle of the dryer for at least 20 minutes.
    Dry-clean anything that can't be washed (like stuffed animals). Or put them in airtight bags for at least 3 days.
    Vacuum carpets and any upholstered furniture (in your home or car), then throw away the vacuum cleaner bag.
    Soak hair-care items like combs, barrettes, hair ties or bands, headbands, and brushes in rubbing alcohol or medicated shampoo for 1 hour. You also can wash them in hot water or just throw them away.
    Because lice are easily passed from person to person in the same house, bedmates and infested family members also will need treatment to prevent the lice from coming back.

    Hope this information helps your daughter.


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    That's a good advice sunnymumof5 and i will follow it. Can you please suggest a specific brand of lice treatment?
    Thank a lot!

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