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    Getting kids more involved

    I have twins girls that are 7 years old and a 3 year old son, how can I get them more involved in helping around the house. It is so hard to get them to clean and help me pick up around the house. I have tried to give them some money at the end of the week for helping me and that only last a day or so. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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    A quick internet search will come up with many many different ways to get your children to help around the house. Some are very strict, others are laid back. Some offer rewards, others offer extra outside time the list goes on and on.

    Only you know your family dynamics and what works for your children. I suggest having a sit down meeting and openly talk to them about how your feeling and get some dialog going between your family.

    Have a list of things that you as mom really need help with and ask them if they are willing to take over that particular job once a day or once a week or when ever the job needs to be done.

    When a child feels like they have some control over the job they will more than likely be more willing to jump in and help you.

    A 3 year old is not able to be as responsible as an older child. You would need to use a different approach with her and be more relaxed as far as her jobs go. She will also need some gentle reminders along the way.

    As a family with 5 children, we clean up once a the evening....yes the house is fairly messy all day long and that is ok with all of us. We step over toys and keep moving. If we cleaned them up a few times a day then we would have added extra work to our days. So we let it go.

    Bathrooms are taken care of by me and anything else in the mix we try to share.

    Making it less stressful is up to mom....letting go and relaxing and enjoying the day is the key.

    Happy Parenting

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    My kids are happy to help with "fun" chores. When it comes to helping tidying up, if I get a negative attitude and the response but "I didn't use it/make the mess" (insert whiney tone), I will remind them that I wash their clothes but don't wear them, the same goes for their linen, that I don't cook just for myself and eat etc... It usually gets them going

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    i do that sometimes as well. Yes I didnt dirty that shirt but mama still washes it for you. My children have become more prone to help around the house if I am helping as well. So its a joint activity between all of us.

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    A very classic example of getting your kids involved in your house chores is to give them buckets of storage for their toys. Decorate each of them and give them instruction on how to sort them. Then at the end of every playtime, if you have more than one kid, you can get them to race who ever fills the bucket most. Hope this helps.


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    Great ideas Anne!
    We have a small collection of containers that we use for sorting toys...some days we don't quite get to sorting...however they love pouring out the toys and then cleaning them back up again.
    Thanks for the great advice mama's

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    I involve my DS in different activities were he can soothing the other max of coloring, crafts. But when it comes to helping he is use help out in the work or any thing.

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