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    is it ok to ask an 8 yr old to stop making crushes

    I am worried that my daughter is starting to tell me about her crushes although Im thankful that she is trusting me about those things. But as a mother of an only child, I feel nervous about it and I'm not really sure what to do. I thought she is still young to have crushes and her father does not want to hear about it. Please give me some tips/advise such as the things I need to tell her whenever she opens up to me about her crushes.
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    I think at her age she is becoming aware of the opposite sex, however she is enjoying the company of new friendships.
    I dont think it's something to be alarmed by.
    Gently explain what friendship is and how it comes about.
    Ensue her that she can be friends with everyone and that friendship is an amazing journey.
    Sometimes young children like to pretend and that is ok as well.
    Keeping the communication open at all times with her is the key to a healthy relationship between the two of you.

    Happy Parenting

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