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    Disciple help...

    What is the best way to disciple my children? Right now I will tell my kids to do something or get on to them and it is like talking to the wall. They only hear what they want to hear and I need to find a better way to disciple them cause I hate getting so mad and yelling at them. I know they do not listen when I get on a rampage. I don't want them to remember me as a yelling mother when they get older. Thanks for any help

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    What I've found that works with my children is when, I sit down beside them or kneel in front of them and we are at eye level with one another. I use a gentle voice and kindly speak to them. Telling them what I need them to hear. Then I ask them do they understand and I give them a hug or rub on the arm and I walk away. I rarely ever have to remind them after that.

    If we are leaving the house and we need to be on a time schedule getting out the door or leaving the play ground. I will start saying "in 30 min we are leaving"....."we have 15 min till its time to go" "ok we have 5 min, Can I help you find shoes etc".....this approach allows the child to be in control of how they want to end the play or even helps them be aware of time in general.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the process.
    Id love to chat more about how you can incorporate this into your household.


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