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    How to get my toddler to sleep in his own bed????

    How can I get my toddler to sleep in his own bed? He has slept with his Daddy and I since he was a baby, I can not seem to get him to sleep in his own bed. I want to get him sleeping on his own bed so that we can get a bedtime routine down before he goes to school. As of right now, he will stay up till I go to bed. Thanks for any advise/.

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    As it looks you have a few options in my opinion. One being, laying down with your son till he falls asleep, then your free to get up as you wish once he is asleep. Or you can have a twin size mattress on the floor in your room beside your bed. So that he can feel close to you in the night. As he gets older he will want to gain independence and will eventually move into his own room. That process is a slow one, it will not happen over night.
    Trust int he process and it will happen as it is meant to.
    Before long your son will be sleeping in his own room and you will wish he was back with you.

    Good Luck

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    Thank, I did start laying in his room with him until he fell a sleep, an he sleep in there all night. But I did miss him and felt so bad once I got in my own bed, I found myself wanting to go get him and bring him to my room lol and wounder why I was in such a hurry to get him in his own bed. So I am gonna stick with this but I not gonna worry so much if he still ends up in the bed with me at times, cause like you said one day he will be sleeping own his own before long, an want need mom as much as he dose now. Thanks for the advice.

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    Could you try bringing his mattress into your room?
    That has always worked well for us, the children respond really well to sleeping on their own bed, yet are still close to mom and dad.


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    Hi there, my daughter also still sleeps beside me and my hubby. Older moms told me that it is okay because time will come that my daughter will sleep in her room and I have to wait for that. Let us enjoy this times, because before we knew it they already have their own place to live in. Good luck to us and the mommies out there.

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    I love what you have shared Carmie - thank you. I have found that there is often so much pressure to get our children onto the next step/ stage that we miss out on the here and now. Of course, that isn't the same if co-sleeping is no longer working for you as a family but sometimes knowing that it is ok to carry on cuddling our toddlers through the night is just what we need to hear too.

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