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    At what age is best to teach girls......

    At what age is best to show my daughters the things mothers need to teach them such as shaving, doing their hair, and applying make-up? I may be worrying about this a little too early, but I want to know what age would be best to teach them? I want to be the one to teach them and I don't want them to be like me and have to learn about it all from my friends and reading books. My mother did not teach me any of this nor did she ever talk to be about sex and I don't what my kids to be lost like I was growing up, I want to have to talk with them and explain and teach them the things I need too at the right age and so that they will fell more at ease and come to me and ask me questions or if they just want to talk to me about things.

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    I love having this discussion with moms who are raising young girls.
    Having an attentive mother always helps a young girl be more confident the older she becomes.

    Here is a great article on talking about menstruation and woman hood.

    As far as what age is an ideal age, Id say go with the cues your daughters are giving you.
    Each girl is so very different and may be ready at different times.
    Always keep a dialect open so that your children feel comfortable talking to you about anything.

    Shaving is an individual choice, I would encourage you to let them know that when they are ready you will be open to getting them razors or whatever they feel they need. As well as letting them know they don't have to shave if they don't want to. Encourage self trust, trusting in their bodies and souls, that their is no need to conform to society and if they choose to not shave or wear makeup that is completely ok as well.

    I think the most important thing we as moms can do is be our child's friend, her confidant, her mentor.
    Talk and talk and prepared for open communication about everything. If she doesn't hear it from you then she will hear it from her peers and the internet.
    Empowering our young girls to trust themselves and their goddess inner self will ensure strong growing women.

    Please feel free to continue this chat.....
    I look forward to hearing back from you and any other women who have advice about womanhood.

    Much peace and love to all the goddess beings.

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    Hi there,
    I think there is no particular age that you should follow when it comes to what girls should know about stuffs that they should know. Wait for them to ask you something related with that and that is the time you should share and teach them what you know. Do not ask them, you should wait for them to ask you first. Good luck.

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    Having a teenage daughter, I found that I needed to be the one to tell her about the joys of womanhood. She did not come to me and ask about it. Maybe she felt uncomfortable about the subject.
    I found that having a girls day out was the best opportunity to bring up the subject and so open the dialect of womanhood.

    I do feel that each young girl will be different in that aspect and so going with your daughters cues is the ideal way to bring forth the conversation.


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