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    Diminishing symptoms - 5 weeks

    Hello. I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant and I have noticed over yesterday and today that my breasts are no where near as sore as they have been leading up to my pregnancy test and few days after. I am an IVF patient and my 16dpo bloods came back with hcg at 302 and progesterone at 485. I also have factor v leiden - heterozygous and my fertility specialist suggested 100mg aspirin daily, which I'm taking. I won't get to see my OB until I'm 11 weeks.

    Is it normal to have symptoms disappear this early in the pregnancy? Yesterday I had quite an emotional day in which I was sobbing uncontrollably and am scared I've somehow caused problems to the embryo.

    Would really appreciate your advice and hopefully reassurance.

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy, how exciting that you have come this far.
    Early pregnancy comes with so many changes both emotionally and physically. That each day brings on new emotions and physical feelings.
    You could keep a daily journal and write down what ever comes to you that day, how your feeling emotionally and physically. Getting those concerns and fear out in a journal helps you release those feelings. Most people who journal say they do feel much better afterwards. Try journaling everyday when you have a few moments of free time.
    If you are very concerned about any symptoms you are having I do suggest that you contact your midwife or care provider so that you can be assured that everything is going smoothly.

    Best Wish on your pregnancy.

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    Thank you so much for getting back to me.

    I had my second beta done today (7 days later) and it showed hcg of 3175 and progesterone of 495. Hcg doubling time of 49.5hrs. Although it didn't double exactly in 48 hours, is this result still encouraging?

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