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Thread: Am I pregnant?!

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    Am I pregnant?!

    Okay.. For the past threw weeks i have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms! I already have an 11 month old. My periods have always been regular, and i am supposed to get it Aug. 3. I been having breast tenderness, constipation, very bloated and gassy. I've been eating like a pig!!! But my mom, and father in law asks me if.i was pregnant in the same day. SO WEIRD! Lol. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this. Oh.. And a sore throat like Im gonna get sick... I had that with my last pregnancy.

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    Sounds as if you are having some pregnancy symptoms, however their is not certain way to know at this point unless you take a pregnancy test. Or if you wanted to skip testing, you would need to wait another month and see if your cycle returns. If it does not, then I highly suggest that you were pregnant. It is to early to tell if you use the wait and see method.
    A pregnancy test could give you a quick answer.

    Please let us know which method you choose to go with. We would love to support you either way.


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    I hope you get the news you want mumzone.

    Keep in touch,

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