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    Worried on my daughter

    Hello everyone, I am very much worried about my daughter who's having stomachache even after we went to the doctor. Her stool was examined and nothing was found. She was only given pain reliever. However, she still feels the pain sometimes. Please advise on what to do.
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    Does your daughter like yogurt? A daily cup of yogurt can help add the right cultures to help regulate her digestive system.

    Also has your daughter had any recent stressor's in her life, starting a new school, new friends...anything different going on in her life.

    Sometimes stomach issues arise when a child is stressed about a particular even. Children do not have the ability to articulate how they are feeling an sometimes internalize it. Showing up as headaches and stomach aches.
    Have a nice talk one on one with her and see whats going on, you may find the culprit of her distress.


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