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    have no time for myself

    Honestly, I want to be a mom for the second time but I am also considering our finances especially that my husband doesn't have a job since he was diagnosed to have Atrial Fibrillation after he had a stroke. I am the only one earning. I would like to know if there are possible ways that he can do to help for the family's finances.
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    You have a great question here, quite a few mums are in your very position. As you will find a quick online search for freelancing will bring up several website that you can check into.

    I do not know of any specifics to tell you about other than a google search.

    You can also open your home to watching another mum's child during the day, possibly watching a few children after school during the week.

    If anyone else has any ideas Im open myself to hearing about them.
    Being a mum is a full time job in its self.


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