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    Washing your babies

    Hi, I read an article that once your kid reaches 2 years old, they should be the one to wash their private parts and not to let anyone wash it other than them. Who believes this and how true is this?

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    As a mum of 5 kids. I have encouraged all of them to use a wash cloth early in age. I make it soapy and hand the cloth to them and tell them where to wash. If they skip over their genitals, I will encourage them to do a quick sweep and that is normally sufficient. If your child is sitting in a bath, he or she doesn't need to be washed down thoroughly. The water is sufficient to thoroughly clean your child.

    Happy Parenting

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    Thanks sunnymumof5!

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    Hi I believe in the article that you have read. But I did not do that with my six year old daughter. Because up to now I am still the one who washes her. I do not know if that would affect in her growth.

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    Thanks Carmie for reading my post! I also sometimes still washes my daughter. Sometimes we have to make sure that's properly cleaned.

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    It will not affect her growth if you are still washing her.
    At the age of 6 you could gently show her how to wash herself and encourage her to do so with ease.

    With time she will be able to wash her self.


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