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    Pregnancy symptom??

    I am 9 wks pregnant, this is my third pregnancy & I am experiencing severe constipation. I never have before this early on, is it normal? Could it mean twins?

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    Constipation is a normal symptom of pregnancy and because every pregnancy is different, it isn't out of the ordinary to have different symptoms. I had twins and I can say from experience that while I was constipated at times, it really wasn't excessive or out of the ordinary. However, I did have two friends that had a lot of issues with constipation (and eventually haemorrhoids) with their singleton pregnancies.

    As noted in this article about Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins all of the "normal" pregnancy issues and sympotoms are just amplified with twins since your body is housing and growing two babies, so it could possibly be a symptom...

    The best way to know for sure if you are expecting twins is to have an ultrasound done. In the meantime for your constipation make sure you are drinking LOTS of water. Also, drinking fruit juices such as prune or apple juice will help. You should also talk to your care provider if it continues or worsens.
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    Great post, DoubleSunshine. Drinking enough pure water is super important during pregnancy and can actually make birth easier.

    Here's some good information on constipation in pregnancy. Hope it helps!

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    Thanks a heap, I am booked for a scan next week & have seen my local care provider for treatment. Someone did mention it could be sign of twins so wanted to know week can't come fast enough now that the thought is in my head!

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy audrie10 and would love it if you want to post back to let us know how you get on at your scan,

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    Just seconding what everyone else has said, constipation can be a normal part of pregnancy. The best way to combat it is lots and lots of water. You want at least 60 OZ a day.

    Can't wait to hear how your scan goes!

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    I'm looking forward to seeing how your scan goes as well Be sure to post and let us know. Good Luck!

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    Thanks everyone will let you know how we go

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    Hi Audrie10 - sorry I've had an extremely busy week and haven't had any time to be online. It looks like you've got some wonderful answers from the other forum members. As previously said constipation can occur as a result of pregnancy (whether you have twins or not). Your ultrasound will be the only way you will know if you have one or more babies on board . I will look forward to reading about how your ultrasound goes.
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