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    Work & home balance

    I have been struggling a lot this year with balancing their school and my work. I have a very long work week (thankfully I can work from home most times) any suggestions for organization to make my week smoother and to allow more time with my family?

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    This is a great question as I still struggle to accomplish this with my family and working.
    Maybe scheduling some down time during the week or weekend.
    Getting outside and playing with you children.
    Planning meals ahead of time.
    Making more of a favorite meal and freezing it for later use.
    Letting certain things go such as a clean house....we try to pick up all the toys at night rather than several times in the day.

    I'm excited to hear what others add in.


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    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Yes I agree - it isn't easy but some careful planning and prioritising of tasks can help you use your time better. I find that putting 'family time' into the diary first and protecting it so this time cannot be moved by other appointments/ arrangements helps us to spend more quality time together having fun.

    Warm wishes,

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    Balancing between home activities and work is really difficult. As both of them are important you have to make a proper schedule of your works and manage your time accordingly.

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