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    Preparing for Twins ~ You don't need two of everything :)

    This is part of an article I wrote awhile back and I thought it might help other parents of twins get prepared. This isn't the end all be all; these are just things I came up with from my own experience. If there are things I don't have listed be sure to comment on this post and add them.

    Getting Ready

    When you have more than one baby it’s always important to keep fully stocked on all supplies. You’ll thank yourself later if you have things ready to go before your babies arrive. Parents of twins need to keep plenty of the following items on hand; bottles, wipes, nappies, and formula. There are other items that are important to have a lot of like; onsies, sleepers, spit up rags. You will go through a lot of these so stock up!

    Things you should have two of:

     Car Seats- These are an absolute must. They won’t even let you leave the hospital, without seeing properly installed seats in your car.

     Cribs - Most twins enjoy sharing a crib (or at least they seem to) but opinions differ on whether that is actually safe or not. Once they start moving around and rolling over we put them in their own cribs and they actually slept better.

     Baby Carrier or Sling – Baby Carriers or slings are great to have so you and your partner can each carry a baby. Babies like being close to you and for some situations it works easier than driving a bulky double stroller around. There are carriers and slings made for twins but I never had one. Did anyone ever use one of these?How was it?

     High Chairs - These of course aren’t needed right away, but they are necessary. If space is an issue (like it is in our house) we got high chairs that attached securely to our dining room chairs and they worked perfectly.

     Two Sets of Bottles - We had a lot of glass bottles. I would fill them all up for the day and again at night. It made it quick to just grab and go. A huge time saver for bottlefeeding mums.

    Things you might need two of:

     Diaper Genie or Diaper Pail – You really only need one of these. However, if you have a split level house it will be much more convenient to have one on each level.

     Baby Swing – You might be fine with only one of these but if both babies really love them – you’ll probably want two.

     Bouncy Seat – These are wonderful to move from room to room so the babies can see what you are doing and you can see them.

     Exersaucer – Once your babies are a little older these are really fun. I would put the excersaucers next to each other and my boys would play and interact with each other and their toys. Like the swings, you would probably be fine with one but I really liked having two.

    One will do:

     Changing Table
     Vaporizer (unless they are in two separate rooms)
     Nursing Pillow
     Activity Mat
     Baby Bathtub
     Night Light

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    DoubleSunshine - These are great suggestions.

    What would you suggest about a playpen (or pak-n-play)? One or two?

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