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Thread: Hi Super Mums!

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    Hi Super Mums!

    Hello! I'm Gladys and as a mum of two adorable kids who wants the best for them, I joined this forum to connect with mums like me who beat the same heartbeat as mothers.
    Warm hugs and kisses to everyone! :-*

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    Hi Gladys,

    A huge welcome to you to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum! I hope you find the forum to be friendly, supportive and informative and a place where we can all share our experiences as mums.

    I look forward to reading your posts.
    Warm wishes,

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    Hello LJ,

    Thank you for your warm welcome. This forum is great for mums like me.


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    Hello Gladys,

    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forums! How old are your children?
    I look forward to learning about you.


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