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Thread: Help with brats

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    Help with brats

    How do I keep my kids from becoming brats?
    What kind of punishment is OK?

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    My heart feels heavy with this post....I want to offer my authentic love to you and your children. My wish is that no mother ever feel that her own children are a burden.

    As a mother our days are filled with lots of giving of ourselves and in some cases taking little time to take care of ourselves in the mix.

    Id like to encourage you to love yourself and your children. Play with your children....become a kid again yourself. Get down on the floor and play with with hide and house or dolls or cars and trains....understand to them....look eye to eye with them.

    Try saying yes more and no less....respect them....allow them to be a child....allow them to choose whats best for in your child's ability to and show love.

    In doing all will find that their is no need for punishment....children do not misbehave because they want to....they are learning all the in your children and love will flow from your heart, from your inner authentic self.

    Id love to talk more with you about this if you'd like....Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Much love from one mum to the next.

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