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    How many naps should a 1 year old have?

    My little boy is now 14 months old and he co-sleeps at night with us for around 10-11 hours (during which time he is also breastfeeding). Generally, in the daytime he will also have around a 2 hour nap when he starts to get sleepy. I've been trying to read his sleepy signals based on the writings in The No-Cry Sleep Solution (Elizabeth Pantley).

    However, I'm wondering if this is enough sleep for a 1 year old? Should he be having two naps a day? Do you think it matters how many naps he has a day or is it the overall quantity of sleep which is the important factor?

    I'd really love the help of mums who have been there before! Thanks.

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    My boys took two naps (1-2hrs) until they were about 18 months old and then they moved to one long nap (3-4hr) in the beginning and has dwindled down from there). I really took cues from them. Both of my boys love to sleep and are good sleepers. They are almost 5 year old an still take a 1-2hr nap every day and are down for the night at 8pm. They are early risers however, waking up at 6:30-7am each day. This works just fine with my schedule as I like to get up and going early as well.

    There are times when we have outings planned and things which prevent them from taking a nap and let me tell you, it can be grumpy-ville around here! If I thought they could get away with a rest time I would do it but they don't fight me about naps so I continue -- nice quiet time for Mummy My point is that I think it's important to take cues from your child. Some of my friends moved to just a "rest time" for their kids starting as early as age two simply because it was such a struggle to get them down for a nap.

    If he seems just fine with your schedule as is; not overly tired, fussy, or falls asleep doing normal activites then I think he is probably getting the rest he needs

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    I just found a chart that gives "average" daytime and nighttime sleep hours and it says the following:

    12 months of age: 11 1/4 hours at night, 2 1/2 hours of nap time during the day (taken in 2 naps, so maybe one nap would be for one hour and the other would be for 1 1/2 hours), for a total of 13 3/4 hours
    18 months of age: 11 1/4 hours at night, and one - 2 1/4 hour nap during the day, for a total of 13 1/2 hours

    It sounds like your little one is right on track with how many hours he is sleeping each day. And because he's transitioning from one nap to two naps, you may find that some days he needs two naps, and other days he only needs one.

    Taking your cues from him is great - if he acts tired or seems more "cranky" than normal, then give him a nap. I found that as long as I got my children up before 3:00 in the afternoon, that they were ready for bed around 8PM which was their bed time. I wanted to avoid my children sleeping until 4:30 or 5PM and then being up until 10 or 11. My "me" time was during naps, and that was usually from 1:00-3:00 (I put my children down right after lunch).

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or if this helped put your mind at ease.

    Warm regards,


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    I have really tried to take cues from my babies, and I do try to lay them down before them become overly tired. I think it sounds like your little one is sleeping within a normal range for a one year old. Like mentioned above, some days he may need two naps, but he may just be ready to have only one nap a day. My son is also a year old, and he sometimes takes two naps, while other days it is only one.

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    Jessica - thanks for posting how your one year old is napping. I'm sure Laura-Jane will be encouraged!

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    Thanks very much for your replies ladies.

    This has really reassured me I think I will carry on taking the cues from him so it may be some days he has 1 nap and others 2 like you all mention.

    Also I'm going to think about whether he should nap so late in the day sometimes as this does tend to mean he is up bouncing around at night time!

    Thanks again from a reassured mum!

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