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    Unhappy Husband family wants to get involve

    Hi, my husband family specially his sister wants to get involve in everything about me and my husband. It's quite annoying already to think that they keep tracking with all our plans of vacation, decisions and future kids. My husband knows I am annoyed already that we hide things from them however they still keep finding out our plans. One time we are planning to have a second honeymoon outside the country we did not inform them until we are about to leave they were all surprise and upset with us why the are not included. Please need advice as how to deal with this I don't want to talk to his sister for I am afraid that it will ruin the relationship for they are drama queens.

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    That sounds so very frustrating for you.
    I wish I had the perfect answer to help you feel more secure and relaxed with your husbands family.

    What comes to me is open communication between yourself and your husband. Having a clear understanding about the dynamics of it all. Being open with him about what you need and desire from him and his acceptance of that.

    I would suggest that he communicate with them your wishes and needs and allow him to deal with his family. So that you don't feel that you have to.

    I'd love to hear some advice from other mums here in the forum. As we come together as a collective support system for you, you may find that the drama lessens for you as you have a support system in place.

    Sending you light and love.

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