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    red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy with fibroid

    Hi, I'm 11 weeks pregnant now and I've heard that drinking red raspberry leaf tea is good for the uterus and smooth labour process...however, I also have a fibroid that is about 3cm in size, I have drank it before pregnancy for a while and it did not affect the fibroid, and i would like to start taking it as it has a lot of benefits..however, there are some info saying that we need to avoid red raspberry leaf tea if we have fibroids..can I still drink red raspberry leaf tea even if I have a fibroid or do I really have to avoid it?

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    Hi nnthn,

    Thank you for your post.

    Red raspberry leaf tea can be a contentious issue with medical professionals but it is generally advised not to drink it until the end of your pregnancy (from 32 weeks). When drank at this stage there is evidence that it can help to tone the uterine muscles and so make contractions more effective and efficient. For a more detailed read about red raspberry leaf tea please have a look at this article.

    Yes there is also some evidence you should not drink it anyway if you have fibroids.

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