As many of you know, I am a keen baby wearer. I seem to be constantly discovering more and more benefits of baby wearing as time goes on. Today, I came across this leaflet which describes how baby wearing can help mum's suffering from postpartum depression or those who are at risk from depression.

I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after a number of unplanned stresses which I experienced during and after having my little boy. I wore him in a soft structured sling from day one and now I am wondering if the amazing bond that has grown between us has been helped by baby wearing.

The leaflet above (by Babywearing International Inc) sites research which looked at the affect of face touching on a baby's reaction for baby's with and without depressed mothers. I would agree that baby wearing gives me more time to interact and touch my baby's face and this helps us to communicate with each other. Babywearing International also put the reduced depression in baby wearing mums down to the fact that a baby crys less when it is worn close to the mum.

What do you think about this leaflet and the research is uses? It would be great to hear from any other baby wearing mums out there who have struggled with postpartum depression or postraumatic stress disorder.