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    Gaining Weight during oregnancy.

    The how much weight that a pregnant mother has to gain during pregnancy is an issue many of us don,t address. Personally i gained 10 Kgs extra for the entire pregnancy period, and shed it all 2 weeks after birth.

    What is the recommended weight extra weight one should gain? Does gaining too much during pregnancy become a risk to your health?

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    I believe that the recommended amount of weight to gain in pregnancy is around 10-14kgs for singleton pregnancies. I was pregnant with twins and gained 18kgs which I was told was just fine. There are issues that can arise from gaining too much weight such as Gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia

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    Expected Weight Gain in Pregnancy

    The ideal weight gain in pregnancy varies depending on a woman's pre-pregnant weight. To work out your weight range you can use an online body mass index (BMI) calculator. It is important to use your pre-pregnant weight to work out your weight range. Once you've worked out your weight range you can use the following is a guide for expected weight gain in pregnancy:

    Weight Range
    Expected Weight Gain in pregnancy
    Underweight 12.5–18 kilograms
    Healthy weight 11.5–16 kilograms
    Overweight 7–11.5 kilograms
    Obese 6 kilograms or less

    As a midwife I never weigh women in pregnancy. Instead I work with a woman to review her diet and then work to improve her diet if necessary. The focus is on healthy eating not expected weight gain.
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