November 24th was my last full on period lasted for 9 days, usually last 9-10 days on average, I haven't had an irregular period I ovulate on a 28-31 day cycle. Anyway I had sex with my hubby for the days following my period Dec 4th -10th, this would have been in my ovulation window. My next period was due on Dec 26th it was light there only when I wiped with brown spotting as well and medium flow for 2 days lasted a total of 5 days. In January my period was due on the 25th/26th it never arrived but I experienced really bad cramping with no bleeding off and on all through the days that my period would have been with some brown spotting at the end when my period would have ended, it is now february I have not seen my period i'm late, but having sex with my hubby I have bleeding within hours of having sex or sometimes directly after, I had sex on monday feb 20th and tuesday I past a clot at about 2am with no other bleeding once it came out. also with no pain.

My breast felt heavy and swollen in January, little nausea when I woke up in the morning with no vomitting, but I was fine once I started to move about. I have done three HPTs all negative, and I have been to my gyno they did a urine test negative, did an ultrasound and apart from some lining built up nothing else showed on my ultrasound.

However two weeks after the ultrasound On february 21st I had a spicy dinner and within 2 hrs I felt like my right side was on fire, in the same spot I felt obvious movement as well as like a rolling feeling inside that was not gas, as I passed none and I did not need to use the bathroom. I later went to pee and a clot was there when I wiped no other bleeding followed. My question am I being paranoid or is it possible I am pregnant? I still haven't seen my period.

I have had on and off brown spotting, some mucus type discharge as well, my breasts were huge but not sore, nipples have also darkened some what and the movement I feel in my stomach continues, I usually feel this when i'm laying down rarely when standing but sometimes. back pain off and on but not severe and some mild cramping feelings. Please help I feel like i'm losing it, i've never been pregnant before and when I tell my gyno that I feel movement in my stomach she says its gas related and looks at me like i've lost it.

any info will help me or anything I can ask my doc to test for as well will help.