If you have tandem breastfed, did you feed your children together or separately? Did you notice that your older child wanted to breastfeed anytime the baby did? Did they seem to feed well at the same time, or was there any jealousy?

I tandem breastfed my first and second children. We talked about it before the baby was born, but my oldest was still a bit jealous when the baby arrived. He would push her away and try to pull her off the breast when she was feeding. I started to try letting them breastfeed at the same time and things seemed to get better. I slowly started to see them bond whilst breastfeeding, and it made me so happy when it seemed like he finally accepted his little sister breastfeeding and was ready to share. As time went on, I would sometimes breastfeed them at the same time, and other times I would breastfeed them separately.