As parents it can seem that there is so much parenting advice. Sometimes we are looking for it and sometimes it is is given as unwanted comments. It is important to be intentional about our parenting, and to think and read about what kind of parents we want to be and how we will parent our little ones. After all, this will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes it can seem that there is pressure to be strict with our children (perhaps more from the older generation) or to show an authoritarian approach. However, the research shows that this has a negative long-term impact on our children (for example, it can lead to anger management problems or issues sustaining loving relationships) and does not even assist children in managing their behaviour in the short time (only the immediate term).

These articles provide insightful, research-based comments on the topic of steering away from strict parenting. I hope you find them helpful in being the kind of parent you want to be too.

Punished by Rewards? by Alfie Kohn
What's wrong with strict parenting? by Dr. Laura Markham